Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Days 84 and 85

SUCH A FUN WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!

These awesome pictures needed their own post. ;)

84- Friday-

So on Friday, we went to the beach!! :D  My dad took off of work and we packed up his car and drove to the coast for a beach day! :D

The car packed with Beach Supplies.  Savanna, note THE BAG. ;)

I've got a thing for feet pictures.  Here's my foot with my boot on.  :P  BLECH.

We stopped at a waterfront restaurant for lunch!!!  It was SO good and the water was GORGEOUS.  ;)

THE BRIDGE!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D  We got to see that thing go up and down for boats, and it was EPIC. ;)

Photos from the beach....this is one of my favorites.  I love the colors of the water and the rock, and it looks way more professional than an iPod photo. ;)

Taken from the actual beach, (the other one was from the jetty), you can see all the sea grass left by the rolling tide. ;)

Sea foam! :D

More sea grass, waves and some boats! :)

This is probably one of my favorite pictures.  This turned out GREAT. ;)

This might be my favorite.  :)  The waves!!! :)  

Sand Dunes.  And Dune Grass. ;)

85- Saturday-

Saturday we went to a lighthouse about an hour away from my house.  :) MOST AWESOME DAY TRIP EVERRR. ;)

The lighthouse. :D

View from the top of the lighthouse.  Do you see the color of the water?!?! :D

The walkway had all these bricks that you can buy to get your name on, and Jimmy Buffett had a brick!!!!!!!! :D  AHHH!!!!!

I looked up. O.O

The stairs!!!!  That was actually pretty scary.  :P

After climbing the lighthouse, my family went to a oceanographic center, where we saw Sea Turtles, Sharks, petted Sting Rays, and more!! :)

Green Sea Turtle! :D

Turtle coming up for air. :D

Dead trees on the nature trail.  Spoookyyy...;)

Boardwalk. ;D

Driftwood! :)

 This is my favorite picture I think.....the shark and the sea turtle. :D  The shark is NOT going to eat the turtle, they live in harmony, and that's a Nurse Shark, and they're not super mean. XD  Also, the shark can't break the shell of the turtle, and the turtle doesn't bother the shark, so they coexist in harmony. ;)

I'll do these weekly from now on, it fits my schedule better.  :D  I am taking pictures though.  Almost everything goes on Instagram, so feel free to check my Instagram (@marileesunstar) if you want. ;)

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