Let's get connected to other 365'ers!!!! (page inspired by Savanna)

Savanna:  The person who got me into this craziness!!!!  <3 She's the best!!!  Love you Savanna! :D  http://savanna365photo.blogspot.com/

Jamie:  Epic in every way!  http://365picsofprincess.wordpress.com/

Kayla:  Jamie's sister and also extremely epic!!! ;)  http://kaylas365photos.wordpress.com/

Ashley:  Friend of mine from both the Blogger and The Lakehouse Forum worlds....is partaking in this challenge too!!!  http://bellaragazza365.blogspot.com/

Rachel:  Fellow moderator at The Lakehouse Forums...I've known the AMAZING Rachel Skywalker for almost 2 whole years!  :D  Rachel is a fabulous photographer as well as a fabulous friend.  ;) http://rachel365photo.blogspot.com/

Autumn:  Also known as Tahiri Veila on TLF, Autumn is an amazing person and awesome photographer!!!!  :)  http://anautumnday.blogspot.com/