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Hello!  I am Fallon and/or Jedi~Chick!!!!  Welcome to Fallon's Photos....my 365 Photo Challenge Blog!!!!
My dearest friend Savanna (http://savanna365photo.blogspot.com/) asked me to join her in this year long photography journey.  I accepted her challenge, and here we are!!!!

I'm a total geek.  I love everything and anything Star Wars, Avengers, Disney, Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, and so much more.  ;)  I love soundtrack music, and my ideal day would be full of watching Star Wars and Captain America while writing fanfiction.  ;)

You can find me on many sites including:

The Lakehouse Forums (Jedi~Chick)
Fanfiction.net (Fallon Skywalker)
Twitter (@FallonSkywalker)
Blogger (Here and To Thine Own Self Be True)
Wordpress (Adventures of a Fangirl)
Tumblr (www.jediwithapurpose.tumblr.com)
Gmail (fallonskywalker@gmail.com)

Contact me any of these lovely places and I'll be sure to get back to you!!!! :D