Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Days 58-60

58.  Sunday I had a long and tiring Orchestra concert.  XDDD

My lovely viola (case).  ;)
59.  Monday was more eventful.  ;)

My school reading was from the Book of Joshua today.  It was fun taking this shot of my book instead of reading it.  XD

Now I'm actually READING the book of Joshua, but you can see the super awesome Avengers symbol I drew on my hand!!! :D


Most epic present ever!!!!!  Found these as a surprise on my dad's office desk!!!!!  :D  How cool, right?  ;)  This might be my favorite picture so far. ;)

60.  Also incredibly eventful.  Today was a blast!!!! :D  We went on a field trip to a a nature center near us, and we learned all about sea turtles and marine biology.  ;)

The Sea Turtle observatory lab!!!  So cool and adorable!! :D

Nature Boardwalk!!

View from the 750ft tower!!!! O.O

Mangroves....a common sight where I live.  :)

Also a view down from the tower, focusing on the railing.  XD

Me and my mommy!! :D

Me and Glory, who is distracted by the wind. XD


A morning Glory flower.  Whenever we find these, we always take a picture for Glory.  LOL!

The roof of the Tiki-hut we sat in.  :D  It was huge!

For Savanna....pandas from Rainforest Cafe, where we went for lunch.  ;)

More to come soon everyone!! :D

Fallon <3

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  1. awsome pictures girly love them and yay rainforest cafe is the best.


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