Monday, March 12, 2012

Days 61-66

Sorry for missing a few days....I should just post from my iPod from now on!!! :P

61:  (Wednesday)  Glory has a new best friend....Luna the Sea Turtle. ;)

62:  (Thursday)  Super rainy Thursday....My mood matched the weather, totally gloomy and wet.

63:  (Friday)  I enjoyed a Shamrock Shake from McDonalds while watching Radio Rebel on Disney Channel.  GREAT movie.  I loved it.  ;)

64:  (Saturday)  Busy day!!  Viola lesson and trip to the feed store.  <3

65:  (Sunday)  My amazing cousin was confirmed in her Catholic church on Sunday.  It was beautiful, she looked amazing, and we partied literally ALL day.  ;)

I got a Captain America t-shirt from Ember! ;D <3333

The Rose of Death in Soviet Russia.....long story.

Here we are....it's on the internet, it MUST be true....Ember is wearing a dress!!!!!!!!  She's holding a magazine in front of her face to hide from the camera and eating a lollipop to comfort her distraught-dress-wearing-self.  XD

66.  (Monday...Today)  I have had a pretty fun day....I took a few pictures in boredom and just for fun. ;)

My feeeeeet!!!  They're all glowy. And now sunburned thanks to being on the dashboard so long....O.o

My sister playing Mermaids on our patio....she's adorable.  ;D

Really cool/weird shot of Savanna, taken through Skype believe it or not!!!  It was really fun talking with ya today girl! ;)  *hugs*

Probably my favorite picture so far.......my sister, being herself.

Until next time!!!

Fallon <33333333333333333


  1. Very cool photos love the one of the chickies and congrats to your cousin. Fantastic pictures. Love ya God bless

  2. Steve's sheild!!!! I have a shirt so similar! Oh, and the baby chicks are sooo cute! I hardly remember when our chickens were that small! I wish they could always stay that fuzzy..


  3. Loved the chickies and loved your cousins dress! i was wondering doeshe have a blog also?


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