Saturday, March 3, 2012

Days 52-57

Okay....I know I'm REALLY behind, but since I didn't take too many pictures at all last week (being sick and then not having a camera....) I'll just start from Monday, and start counting again.  I'll just continue this 365 and not be too worried if I skip a day here and there.  ;)  I hope you still enjoy, even though these pictures were taken with my iPod's crappy quality camera.  :P

52.  (monday)

How I spent my Monday morning....with a Sprite and the Kindle. ;)  I was at Co-Op almost an hour and a half early, so I chilled out in the library with Darth Plagueis and a Sprite!  :)

More of Darth Plagueis....he sorta took over me on Monday.  I must read morreeee!!! ;)

53.  (tuesday)

My cousin Ember's....ah....interesting, study tactics.

How I spent Tuesday night....with Tony Stark.  <3333

54.  (wednesday)

Self portrait.  It's a thing.  XD  (headphones ftw!!)

55.  (thursday)

I'm ALL THE AVENGERS!!! (meme guy....also a thing) at Target on Thursday night after dance.  I may or may not have (okay I did) scare away a little boy looking at the Super Hero stuff. XD

56.  (friday)

I wrote this on my hand. A  Pen-tattoo.  I looooove how the Avengers symbol came out! ;D

Another self-portrait.  This will become a regular thing...I promise. XD

57.   (saturday)

CHICKIES!!!!!!!!!!! My daddy and I went to the feed store and saw some ADORABLE little baby chicks. ;)

My favorite self-portrait yet.  I love the lighting.  And my hair. XDD  And my epic sunglasses.  Fail smile though....I was in a bad mood today. XDD

Tomorrow I will start regular posting!!! :D  WOO!


  1. By the way guys.....Instagram is my new best friend for photography, since my camera is now non-existent. XD


  3. love these pics the last self portriat is georgous love it and cute chickies love the portriats great pics awsome post looking foward to more

  4. Sprite. I love sprite!!!! *dies*

  5. IRON MAN 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You actually take very good self portraits. I'm so terrible at them. I can never get my entire face in the picture!!!

    I got the meme one! :D



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