Monday, February 6, 2012

Days 35-37

Day 35's pictures were taken out of boredom.  XD  I was sick (quite sick, and I was barely able to move, let alone take pictures lol).

 My newest fandom, written on the back of my hand. :)

Boredom doodling on my desk...XD

My keyboard!!!  It says "LOLZ" and "TTYL" on it. XD

Day 36:

My adorable sister as Rapunzel. ;)

Day 37:
Idea taken from my amazing friend Autumn's blog......one of her 365 pics was of this!!!  SO COOL!!! ;) I loved it and had to try it myself....;D  Hope you don't mind Autumn!!! :D

More to come soon!!!!  :D


  1. Good pictures. Epic Avenger hand! Awesome Rapunzel sister and I hope you get better... :)

  2. Of course I don't mind Fally! :D You do the *Force push* justice! ;D Heehee, and your sis makes an adorable Rapunzel! :)
    MTFBWY, and keep moving forward. <3

  3. I hope you're feeling better! Whooo, go frying pans!!!

    Avengers. Avengers. *starts chanting*



  4. awsome photos girly hope you feel better really really soon. Your sister makes a beautiful rapunzel and love the force push keep up the great pics loving your blog


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