Friday, February 3, 2012

Days 32-34

Can you believe it's February already?!?!  It's amazing how far we've all come in Project 365 so far this year!!! ;D

Day 32:
My latest obsession.....UNICORNS!!!! ;)

Glory (my sister's) favorite Disney movie is Dumbo.  She watched it with her many, many, many Dumbo stuffed animals the other day.  ;)

Day 33:

Glory's Groundhog's Day drawing. ;)  So sweet!!!

My favorite Avengers movies (in this order!) :D  Captain America, Iron Man and Thor!!!  WOO!!! :)

Day 34:
My beautiful sister, Glory. <3

I did a photoshoot with Glory at our town's Art Center.  It has the coolest staircase...see? XD

My favorite picture of Glo-Bug.  :D  She looks so pretty here, look at her golden hair! ;) And I'm terribly jealous of her necklace. XD

I'll try and get these on time from now on! ;)

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  1. yay i was beginning to wonder when you were going to update this lol. Love the photos girly unicorns are awsome and though i only seen dumbo once whats not to love about it hehe. And the pics of your sister are beautiful. Keep up the awsome blog God bless


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