Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 38


They are the most awesome mini-scrapbook-journals EVER! :D  Mine is amazing, of course. ;D
I took a ton of pictures, so here they are! :D

Mine is the red one.  It's a "Doodle Smash Book".  My mom's is an "Eco Smash book" and my sister got a "Pretty Smash Book".  :D

One of my favorite shots.  Love how this one turned out.  the lighting is cool too, taken outside. ;D

My little sister is Dyslexic, so to her, this is how she spells everything. ;)  It says Jedi, Super Hero, Pirate, Animal Lover, Disney Lover, Comedian (you can spell comedian but not jedi?!?!), artist and lalaloopsy.  :D

 The awesome Smash Pen!!!!  The smash pen has a pen on oneside, and a glue stick on the other.  It's really good glue too, it holds well!!!! :D

My favorite page....it has my awesome Avengers Girl picture, a picture of Corran Horn and Hobbie Klivian, and Steve Rogers in his incredibly hot leather jacket. :D  Also a Drama Queen sticker which is all too true. ;D

This is my other favorite page. :D It's got Indiana Jones and Willie Scott on it, another Steve picture, Figment Pook-A-Looz tag and MICHAEL BUBLE!!!!  :D  Also a Totoro picture! :D

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  1. I love your two favorite pages, they are so cool!


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