Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 39-44

DARN. I am bad at updating....>.>


My awesomediculious TRON: Legacy light-jet.  ;D


It was the annual P.E. Track and Field day, which meant there were a little over 1,000 homeschoolers all together at once to play games. XD  I took some pictures of Glory, wearing her epic Star Wars hat, a cool tree with some moss and leaves, and my cotton candy.  I've got a funny story behind the cotton candy actually. XDD  My friend was running the cotton candy stand, as well as the snow cone stand, so I asked her if I had to wait in a ridiculously long line again for cotton candy, or if I could just pay her to give me the cotton candy there.  She kinda looked at me for a minute, and then we did some under-the-table dealing to get me my cotton candy.  LOL! ;P


My little sister's baby blues. ;D


Played around with focus on the "c" in "cousins".  XD


Last night, we had family over for dinner to celebrate my great-grandpa's 82nd birthday!!! :D  It was really fun, and we had homemade chili for dinner.  <3  Yum.


My Mara Jade action figure. :D She's a beautiful figure.  And I had fun posing her. ;D

From now on, we'll shoot for daily updates, okay?  Also, pray that I can scrounge up the money for a new camera, mine is a piece of garbage. :P


  1. Love all of these!! :D :D :D Is that Glory when the day you were like "OMG, can I take a picture of your eyes?!" LOL, that was really funny!!

    Your cotton candy story is pretty hilarious too! ;) Friends dealing under the table FTW!!

    And I freaking LOVE Glory's hat!! It's so cute and girly!!

    BTW, a new Mara figure is coming out sometime this year. I think it's going to be Jedi Mara. Yay!!

  2. Cotton candy = God's brilliant blessing! I LOVE cotton candy, especially since it's such a rare treat!

    I LOVE GLORY'S HAT!!!!!!

    I didn't know there were any Mara Jade action figures! How cool is that!

    Love, Jamie


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