Saturday, March 24, 2012


71. (saturday (last week))

My dad woke me up at 6am to go on a walk for heart-health last Saturday.  Look at the sunnnnn!! ;)

We then went to my great-grandpa's house to help clean out his apartment and garage.  This was in his garage-store-room thing.  :)  LOOK HOW COOL!!!!!  Wires.  :D

72.  (Sunday)

My sister and I volunteered with my dad to run the city booth at the local and annual art-show!! ;D  It was amazingly fun, and not too hot.  ;)

I SAW CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW.  He was texting and eating a burger!!!! :OOO  Some guy around town dresses up as Capt. Jack for all kinds of shows and events, and I caught a picture of him this time.  ;)

73.  (Monday)

Lame, I know, but I got new bedsheets (actually, just old ones since my normal ones were being washed) and I liked the lighting. XD

74.  (tuesday)

Tuesday was tons of fun.   I took my viola, violin, and student model violin to my sister's music teacher's baby-class.  She had 3-5 year olds in there, and I got to play my instruments for them!!! :)  And I let them play with the old student model violin.  The little girl next to me in this next picture, holding the violin, is one of my dance-girls, who is absolutely ADORABLE.  :D  She gave me hugs and stood next to me, held my hand, and sat on me the entire time.  XD

(and yes, my thighs are embarrassingly fat XD)

75.  (Wednesday)

Tuesday was my grandma's birthday!!!  We celebrated her birthday on Wednesday, and my sister and I made cupcakes!!!!  Mine are the more simplistic design. XD

This is detective Ember Sparkstone, trying to crack the code to open this random box from my great-grandpa.  XD  She is still going at it, if I'm not mistaken. :)

76.  (Thursday)

GLORYYYYY.  She's adorable.  ;)  She and I made a pair of "Crying Rainbow Glasses" for Savanna (they're coming in the mail ASAP!!!! Glory drew you yet another picture! XD) and I took a pic of her wearing them.  ;)

Here's Glo-Girl with her lightsaber before P.E. (note the yellow t-shirt that is our P.E. uniform...) XD

77.  (Friday)

More of Glory....she was mad because I woke her up from her nap.  XD

I did science ALL DAY yesterday.  I learned about the atmosphere.  Here's my Atmosphere Diagram.  ;D  WOO!

More to come soon!!!!! :D  I put all of these up on Instagram!  (or almost all of them).  Follow me there if you have an account..... I'm @marileesunstar or Grace Skywalker.  ;D


  1. CRYING RAINBOW GLASSES!! :O Genius Glory, GENIUS!! xD And the picture of you and your little music class; ADORABLE!!! :'D

  2. Awww- I love them all! XD Wonderful!


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