Monday, January 2, 2012

Day Two: Happy Birthday Lil' Sis!!

Today my baby sister turns 10!!!! Ah! *sobs*
Here are some pictures I took of her birthday time at home. The second picture is my cupcake. XD

Enjoy! :) And Happy Birthday sis!! ;)


  1. Delicious cupcakes, and cute sister!

    - Diana

  2. *sobs* GAHHH!!! Don't grow up Glory!! Come to Neverland with me and Peter Pan!! :P Happy Birthday lil sis.

    BTW, the picture of Glory with Noelle is SO freaking cute!!!

  3. Awww, your sister is adorable!!

    Tell her Happy Birthday from Jamie and to have an epic year! :D

    And that first picture... I'm now drooling...


  4. Happy Birthday Glory!

  5. aww cute picture the pictures of the cupcakes has my mouth watering hehe yummy :)

  6. First off. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!
    Fallon......you didn't tell me it was Nutmeg's birthday. Oh, wait! You were "dead". xD

    Your cupcake is soooo cute!!!!

    Hey, look!! It's my doll self!!! ;) And Nutmeg's shirt is adorable!!!! I LOVE penguins!!!!!


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