Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day Three: Photo Frenzy!

Today was the first real "cold" day we've had in a LONG time here in Sunny South Florida!  :)  I took a BUNCH of pictures today.....so here are my favorites!!!  :)

What a day!  I love these pictures.....the one of math was thrown in there to show you what I was doing ALL DAY LONG.  >.>  XD  I love all the rose pictures too!  :D


  1. Wow, beautiful photos!! I love the hot cocoa pictures.....mmmmmm. :D

  2. Third one down is my fav! Very pretty and bright!


  3. *jaw drops*
    You still have flowers?!?!!
    I want to move to Florida.

    Lovely photos, btw!

  4. haha yes it has been a cold day here in florida :) beautiful flowers and love the hot cooca photos (thinking about getting some hot cocoa myself hehe) and eww math hehe good luck with that. Awsome photos

  5. I LOVE the flower pictures


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