Monday, January 23, 2012

Mega Post: Days 20-23

EEEK I've missed a few days!!! :P  Here they are....

Day 20:
Ice!!!  We have a broken Ice Maker in our freezer, it makes Ice that smells like mildew (eeewwww!!!) so we make our own ice now.  Well, someone accidentally turned the machine on, so I had to clean out the freezer, and put the contents of the ice maker into the sink.  I thought it looked so cool, I'd take a picture of it!!!!  XD

Day 21:
I have a new obsession.....LEGOs.  Legos are awesome!!!!!!  My little sis and I got a bunch of Legos over the holidays....she got a few sets for herself for her birthday, and I got a set for Christmas (from a grab bag....it's a funny story actually, but for another time. XD).  This is a shot I took of her LEGO Friends playset..."Emma's Design Studio".  "Emma' came with an iPod, Camera, and Coffee mug on her table....and I thought it was too darn adorable not to take a picture of. ;)

Day 22:

Two B's.....Budnt Pans and Bracelets!!!!  The first picture is of my dad's awesome Bundt Pan, it makes cakes in the shape of Christmas Trees!!!  The inside looks REALLY COOL. ;) The second picture is of my bracelets....they never come off.  It focuses on my Best Friend bracelet from my bestest sister, Tara Jaywar!  She gave it to me for Christmas!!! <3 *hugs* Thanks Tar-Tar!  The other two bracelets are my Her Universe bracelet given to me by Ashley Eckstein herself, and my Greater Things bracelet from my church.  (there are Greater Things yet to come...it's a song from our church. ;D)

Day 23:

SUSHI!!!!!!! And cake. XD  My Daddy took me out tonight for Sushi, since it's Orchestra night, and he owes me a "date" to get sushi since Christmas.  ;)  I LOVE Sushi.  The first picture is of my favorite kind, Shrimp Tempura, and the second picture is my second favorite kind, California Roll.  ;)  The third picture is Mexican Roll, but it's a bit too spicy for my tastes.  And then the last picture is a piece of strawberry shortcake that I got.  <3  YUM!!!

Alrighty guys...I'm all caught up!  WOO!!!! ;)


  1. Cool photos! I like sushi too.
    That little Lego iPod is SO cute!

  2. Oh my gosh . . . GIRL LEGOS! SO CUTE! I'm so used to my little brother's huge army sets that I forget there are also girly legos!!!! EEEEK! :D


  3. I'm glad your back! I LOVE LEGOS! I TOTALlY Love LEGOS! I have several lego Star Wars kits. Those are awesome.
    Neat pictures!


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