Sunday, January 29, 2012

Days 28-29

Sorry I missed a day!  My amazing cousin, Ember, was sleeping over, and I lost track of time yesterday.  XD

I took a couple of great pictures for yesterday though!! ;)

Day 28:
 My chicken (one of twelve)....BUTTERCUP! ;D

She's so sweet and gentle....and she sat in my arms for a long time so I could have a photoshoot with her. ;D

'Cup's foot. XD I like the focus on this one. ;D

Look at her feathers!  She's so sweet. <3

Day 29:

These are today's shots...they're of my cousin's jacket, our dance teacher jackets, given to us by the owner of the dance studio for Christmas!  I love the jackets they are "bedazzeled" and are SUPER soft.  ;D  Plus, they look all official like!  Only the teachers get them....and we both have one! WOO!

Okay, more to come tomorrow! <3


  1. BUTTERCUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO CUTE!!

    Love the jacket too!! :D

  2. love the jackets and chickens are awsome :)


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