Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Days 17 and 18

Last night was a case of "my internet was out" (again) so I shall return tonight with TWO pictures!!!!!!  YAY!!!!!

That's Charlie the lizard.  We found him in our backyard shortly after Hurricane Charlie (years ago.......) and when I was little, I almost sat on this guy in our outdoor play fort.  XD  He's been "haunting" me ever since.  I found Charlie on our patio and laid down on the ground to get a good close up picture of him. XD  Still, it caught too much shadow from the lattice on our patio walls.  >.>  Anyway....there you have, CHARLIE THE (demon) LIZARD! ;D

Later today we picked up my cousin (EMBER) from school, because my grandma was at the doctor (pray for her please, dear followers, because she might have something wrong with her heart.. D:) and my lovely cousin has a BEAUTIFUL 'backyard' behind her school.  We walked around the "forest" and I snapped a few shots.  ;)  This is my favorite.

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  1. What a fun story about the lizard!! We have so many lizards around our house that I can't tell them apart (but than, we live in the desert, so of course there are going to be a million lizards! Lol)

    PS. I did a 'Letters to Superheroes' post. :)



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