Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day One: Part One-And-A-Half

Today my dad took my cousin, sister and I to a very popular outdoor shopping area in the Keys. It's called the Rain Barrel. There are a ton of beautiful shops and tons of tourist-y gifts. (even though I'm not a tourist it's still fun to look!!)

This is a picture of the HUGE lobster statue out front of the shopping center. It's got a funny back story with my sister, cousin and I. The lobster's name is Sherman. Don't question it, it just is. ;)

I'll probably post another picture for day 2 tonight if need be. ;)

EDIT:  It has been brought to my attention that it is still January 1st.  Okay, fine. I'll have parts one, one and a half and two of Day One, okay?  ;) 


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