Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 11: Barbie and Kindle

Today was quite an awesome day.  My mom got a Kindle for Christmas, and I got to figure out how to fix it up for her, complete with FANFICTION!!!!!!!!!!!

My little sister got two new Barbie movies for Christmas.  As you all can tell by my tweets, and tumblr posts, I am now 'into' Barbie.  I love the old movies....and for my last birthday, my sister bought me a Barbie that looks like Mara Jade-Skywalker.  ;)  YAY!!!!!  So now I have my Mara Barbie out, and I took a shot of her as well.  ;)


  1. haha very cool photos hey me and you have similar tasks my mom got a kindle fire for herself new year's so i have been setting it up for her and trying to show her (she is hopeless at technology) how to use it hehe. Awsome photos loving this blog keep up the great photos girly you rock

  2. Awesome--I love my kindle!
    Oh, and that Barbie really does look like Mara. Uncanny....now you need a ken that looks like Luke!

  3. Mara Jade! 8D That's so cool that you have a Barbie that looks like her! =)


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